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Dimensions plastic lattice
Pergola Ivy

Installation Tips

Dimensions™ plastic lattice is easy to cut, drill and install using standard tools. We offer matching caps to complete the decorative look of your lattice, as well as matching dividers to connect lattice panels together.

The Universal Privacy Screen is easy to assemble and install. Most parts snap or slide together, and the only tool required is a screwdriver. You can set up the panels on flat hard surfaces like concrete, or stake them into the ground. Either way, you have the flexibility of moving and adjusting them after you've set them up.


Use rust resistant fasteners to maintain the beauty of your project over time.

For a distinguished look, frame panels with plastic caps and connect panels with plastic dividers. Always allow 1/4" gap between the lattice edge and molding for the panel to expand and contract with temperature changes.

Lattice must be attached to a self-supporting structure or frame. Do not install lattice in a horizontal application. Without proper support lattice will be prone to sagging, rippling and heat retention.

Suspend lattice from top row of fasteners.
  • Along the top, pre-drill oversized holes every two feet through both the molding and lattice and fasten with screws. Do not over-tighten.
  • Along the sides and bottom, pre-drill oversized holes every two feet through the molding only and fasten with screws. Do not over-tighten screws.

Paintable lattice is available in our Classic Diamond and Privacy Diamond styles along with coordinating cap and divider mouldings. Our paintable plastic lattice has been formulated to allow exterior plastic paints to adhere to it. See our painting tips for additional details. We do not recommend painting our standard Dimensions lattice as most paints will not adhere to the surface well and will rapidly begin to peel.